Alaska Fur's

Just wanted to make a post here and let those that didn't already know. But alot of furs are finding a home on www.akcommunity.com. All are welcome. but if you are looking for alaska furries you might want to check out that site as well.

Thats my little update for today.

Oh yA!



Enclosed you will find a link to a forum. A forum for everybody. I would like to extend out a warm invite for you and your friends, so come join this forum. Our goal is to build a place online were people can come and not only discuss issues, but find out what is going on in Alaska, find friends, and maybe find a place were people can help each other. www.akcommunity.com


In no way am I wanting to covert members of this community to the www.akcommunity.com. I have just finished construction of it and really had to share it with everybody. Plus there is even a thread on furry on it. Would be curious to see what everyone had to say on it.

Well thats all for now. Cats gotta run. Talk with you all laterz.